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Dr. Morris consults in Cape Town and Johannesburg, specialising in allergy testing and treatment plans for patients of all ages.

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Dr. Adrian Morris

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Dr. Morris is an Adult and Children’s Allergy Consultant with postgraduate diplomas in Allergy, Dermatology, Family Practice and Paediatrics.

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Expert Allergy Testing

Dr. Morris consults in Cape Town and Johannesburg, specialising in allergy testing and treatment plans for patients of all ages.

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Read about what to expect at your initial allergy consultation, including allergy testing procedures, fees and clinic locations.

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Important Information

Corona Virus (COVID-19) and our Virtual Online Allergy Clinic.  During the South African COVID-19 Pandemic Lock Down, we favour a virtual online consultation service.  We won’t be able to offer skin prick testing nor allergen patch testing during these telemedicine sessions. Allergy Testing on blood would be performed at a Pathology Laboratory close to you. We would then integrate these blood test results into the consultation report and management plan.  Please contact us via the Online Consultation webpage and let us know what sort of allergy related problem you are experiencing and then we can respond by email if we can accommodate you.  We hope to reintroduce a full face-to-face allergy diagnostic service in the not too distant future depending on COVID-19 Lock Down developments.  Many apologies for this inconvenience, but these new virtual online consultations may actually suit many patients better and remove the inconvenience of travel and risking virus exposure.

Allergy blood RAST tests for IGE can also be arranged. Call today and arrange a full online consultation with Dr Adrian Morris. Contact us directly via our  Enquiries page on this website.


Can we optimise our immune system to deal with COVID-19?  Hear what Dr Morris has to say on Cape Talk Podcast

Allergy interview on Radio Cape Talk with Pippa Hudson and Dr Morris Listen to what Dr Morris has to advise allergy sufferers on dust mites, food allergies and Mosquito’s. Click on this link to download podcast.

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South African Pollen & Allergen Forecast August 2020

Pollen Level Indoor Level Mould Level
Cape Town Med High Med
Johannesburg Med High Low
Durban Low High Med

Pollen: Tree, grass & weed pollen (triggers hay fever)
Indoor: Dust Mites, cat & dog dander (triggers asthma, eczema & rhinitis)
Mould: Mildew spores (triggers asthma)

Disclaimer: These aero-allergen levels are not real-time values but projections taking into account current climatic and weather conditions together with levels from previous years.

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