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Dr. Morris consults in Cape Town and Johannesburg, specialising in allergy testing and treatment plans for patients of all ages.

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Dr. Adrian Morris

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Dr. Morris is an Adult and Children’s Allergy Consultant with postgraduate diplomas in Allergy, Dermatology, Family Practice and Paediatrics.

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Expert Allergy Testing

Dr. Morris consults in Cape Town and Johannesburg, specialising in allergy testing and treatment plans for patients of all ages.

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Read about what to expect at your initial allergy consultation, including allergy testing procedures, fees and clinic locations.

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.  Due to the announcement by President Ramaphosa regarding the nationwide Lockdown precipitated by the Corona Pandemic, we are suspending all our Allergy Clinics immediately for at least 3 weeks as recommended.
Dr Morris has to travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and under the current lockdown, air travel will be impossible.  All clinics will be suspended in Johannesburg and also in Cape Town until further notice.
Many apologies for this inconvenience, but we all need to act in the national interest.


New structure for Allergy Testing.  We have a wide range of environmental and food allergy tests available as part of our standard Allergy Screening Consultation and Allergy Management Plan. Skin Prick Testing is most accurate in identifying significant allergies. This is all included in our allergy testing package at R1900.00. We have managed to keep our allergy consultation fee structure at the 2019 levels with no inflation increase.

Allergy blood RAST tests can also be arranged. Call today and arrange a full consultation with Dr Adrian Morris. Contact numbers 021 671 1254 and 021 674 3637 for all bookings in Cape Town and new number 011 083 5305 for Johannesburg.

Allergy interview on Radio Cape Talk with Pippa Hudson and Dr Morris Listen to what Dr Morris has to advise allergy sufferers on dust mites, food allergies and Mosquito’s. Click on this link to download podcast.

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South African Pollen & Allergen Forecast March 2020

Pollen Level Indoor Level Mould Level
Cape Town Low Low Low
Johannesburg Med Low Low
Durban Med Low Low

Pollen: Tree, grass & weed pollen (triggers hay fever)
Indoor: Dust Mites, cat & dog dander (triggers asthma, eczema & rhinitis)
Mould: Mildew spores (triggers asthma)

Disclaimer: These aero-allergen levels are not real-time values but projections taking into account current climatic and weather conditions together with levels from previous years.

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