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Dear Adrian,

Thank you so much for the report. I will let you know between 2 and 3 months how everything is progressing. I am very confident that the medicine you gave me works because hives outbreaks no longer occur frequently.I think at this point in time i am making a lot of improvements.

I will talk talk to you soon.

Thank you very much Dr Morris. I do appreciate your assistance in helping to get to the bottom of the cause of my allergy.
My eyes are much better and this morning was actually the first time that I?ve noticed that my skin is not that dry anymore and almost back to normal again.

We?ve managed to keep the cat away by using citronella oil on a cloth at the front door and if he should still try and get closer, I use a spray bottle with water and just spray one squirt of water in his direction and that also puts him off.

Dr. Morris,
Many thanks for the detailed report and your recommendation of medicine is taken into account.
Indeed, my visit was fruitful

I will keep in touch on the progress.
Thank you,


Dear Dr. Morris,

Thank you for the report, and thank you for treating my daughter. Her skin has cleared within 2 days after our visit.

We will carry on with the treatment as prescribed.

We are very relieved and very grateful.


Dear Dr Morris,

Just a quick note from our side to inform you just how much of an improvement we have experienced with M?s skin since our consultation with you. The cream and mixture in the bath have worked wonders and all scratching has seized, resulting in her skin finally getting a chance to recover and no more scars being visible.
She?s been sleeping through the night on most nights, stopped her involuntary non-stop scratching and her overall demeanour and attitude has changed a lot ? so much so that even her teacher noticed a significantly happier child. All in all ? a complete turn-around and we are exceptionally delighted at this vast and rapid improvement in her condition. Thank you so much from all of us!!!!

AL, Cape Town

Hello Dr Morris,
Thank you for the report.

I?m scared to talk soon, but the Flixonase nasules are working a little bit, will continue the course. I can smell and taste a bit already. I hope it clears up properly.
I?m a bit upset that I went to so many different doctors, including an ENT and they couldn?t help.
Anyway, thank you very much for the feedback.
Have a good day
Kind regards

MK, Cape Town

Dear Dr Morris

Many thanks for this report ? I appreciate the concise details and the time and attention taken.

I would like to confirm that the eczema is at least 85% better ? probably 90%. It is an amazing difference to where I was when I saw you on 4 August. My face is clear, the redness on my chest and arms is completely gone. Residual small patches remain on my neck, and interestingly my legs have taken the longest time to respond ? despite giving me the least problems when it was at its worst. I no longer experience any major discomfort or disruption to my sleep patterns.

I will persevere with the treatment as directed and am extremely grateful for the valuable assistance you have brought to my problem.

Kind regards

JG, Pretoria

Thank you very much!

I am very happy with the results and the in depth report, as it has provided me with much needed clarity and treatment.
The Clobetasol cream has a burning sensation on my hands when applied, but has improved my dermatitis significantly. It is almost completely healed ?
It was definitely a positive experience and I will definitely recommend this allergy clinic.
Thank you for the excellent service.


A.A, East London

Thank you very much!!! Within two days of bathing in Milton & using the cream J?s skin is completely clear and he is sleeping through the night again.
So glad we came to see you!
Will see you in 9months time to check the egg & dairy allergies.

B.B Limpopo

Dear Dr A Morris,

I am really impressed and very thankful for your thorough consultation, diagnosis, and report. The itching has finally stopped ?.but the rash still needs to heal completely.
I cannot explain the relief from scratching and of course now knowing what the problem was.
I thank you warmly,

N.N Johannesburg

Good Morning Dr Morris
Many thanks for the report, I am happy to report that the itchiness has stopped and the pimples on my upper arms have been reduced largely. I still have the white blotches on my face but they are slowly but surely going away.
Once again many thanks for the consultation, greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards

L.A Richards Bay

Good Day Dr Morris,

On the 5th of May you saw me with severe allergy issues, a chest that did not want to open on Budeflam and I was using Asthavent inhalers 300metered dosage twice a month total 600. I explained how doctors have treated me on a long list of medications and just could not get my chest to open and my nose to calm down.
You prescribed me Foxair and a few things I should eliminate out of my Diet. I have since then lost 6kg and I am completely off of these over the counter inhalers from my very first dose of fox air.
I am active at work, I am walking my dogs 4 times a week and I am well on my way to a life where I weighed under 100kg. My allergies are maintained .
Thank you is All I can say, The day you said my suffering is over, I had a feeling you got the whole issue under control, a little sceptical but as I took the Fox air my breathing Improved to normal!
Many would wonder why I would thank someone for this but only I know how I suffered for years with my breathing, prescriptions that could fill a bag and within a month I am back to where I was. To use those inhalers just to do a flight of stairs.
Now I am working a full productive day running around without a pause! You make a huge difference and my thank you is larger than just those two words for the life you have given back to me.
Hope this mail finds everyone well, I have been through a very long list of doctors since 2008 and by far this was the most amazing life changing consultation! I would recommend Dr Morris to everyone!

L.C Johannesburg

Thank you Dr Morris
You are a life saver and I would certainly be willing to give a testimonial and refer patients
Have a nice weekend


D.D London

Dear Dr Morris

Thanks for the comprehensive allergy reports ? we have a much better understanding of what we are dealing with. We are delighted that Sean?s bee sting test came back negative.
The boys medication is working very well ? they both have a new lease on life. Previously playing a game of cricket on the lawn or a braai outside would result in hours of itching and runny noses. They used to completely avoid outdoors in spring. Now the game of cricket is a daily event!

I wish we had consulted with you years ago!

J.R Stellenbosch

Good Morning Adrian

I would just like to take this opportunity to say Thank You very much, I have been using the cream for the past week, and there is a huge difference in her skin, her skin feels like skin again.
You came highly recommended and I too will keep on recommending your services.
You are Wonderful, Thank You

Kind Regards M.V

M.V Johannesburg

Thanx so much Dr Morris ? you have no idea the difference you have made!

All strength to you.

Liza, Cape Town

HI Dr Morris

Thank you very much for your report on Mateo?s Allergies.
It has been very helpful, we have changed our beds and our linen to allergy free linen and pillow cases and it has helped tremendously.
He is still on his medication but without the itching on the eyes and he sleeps so much better.
Thank you Thank you Very Much

M.C Sandton

Dear Dr Morris

Just to say again thank you for your compassion and not only diagnosing me with salicylate intolerance but also encouraging me to get my thyroid checked which came back as T4 of 60! I had already been to two other consultants before you who drew a blank

A.B Cape Town

Thank you so much for a very pleasant visit. Will recommend your practice to all family and friends.Although the test still proved positive for fish we are over the moon that the wheat and egg came out clear.

F.W Cape Town


I am so pleased that I came to see you. Since I have been on the medication you prescribed for me I have not had the need to take the Texa. I?ll be honest I?m happier now than I was before. I?m not needing to be careful of anything anymore. It?s amazing!!
I will let you know how things are going in 5 weeks time when my meds are done.

Thank you so much Dr Morris.

M.C Johannesburg

Hi Dr Morris,

Thank you very much for this. I have had great results thus far with the creams, the weeping has stopped and the patches are clearing up, and its only been a few days.

D.P Cape Town

Thank you very much Dr Morris. I have been on Fexo now since 1st Feb and have not had a single itch!

M.R Durban

I must thank you again for your services. It was a great relief to have empirical information regarding my allergies. The information is very useful for me in determining my diet and lifestyle. And it was an equally, if not greater, relief to once again have a great oyster! I had 4 oysters without a problem. I cannot praise the oysters of the Cape too much. I?ll make sure not to go overboard, but will do my best to support the seafood industry while I am in the Cape. Thanks again. I am very grateful for your services.

B, Cape Town

Hello Dr Morris!

Thank you SO much for the quick response and the extensive report on my consultation and the analysis of my tests results.

I really do appreciate the detailed report, it helped me a lot to understand my condition better and what the possible causes may be.

I feel like a new person and the secondary infections from the scratching are looking much better already after only three days of treatment! It is such a relief! And the urticaria are about gone.

Although I know the prednisone is suppressing most of the symptoms, it does help to gain sanity and better quality of life in order to think about the way forward and possible lifestyle changes I need to make.

I have read and researched extensively on low histamine foods and how I need to implement this into my eating plan.

Thank you for the holistic approach that you took and not just giving me tablets and cream! ?

I also found the tests very interesting and have learnt a lot about how our human bodies function with so much miraculous detail and how the body will tell you that something is not right and that the cause might not always be what you assume it is!

Have a lovely evening further and I will keep you posted on how I?m doing.

Warm Regards


I just wanted to give you a personal thank you for yesterdays session. I've had a feeling of I'm going mad for a very long time and you are the first doctor that has actually given me comfort. No matter what comes from it or what the results say, just thank you for making me feel normal for the first time in a while.

I did go get the blood tests yesterday afternoon so you should expect results this week.

I have started the routine to break the histamine cycle and are switching my diet from today with low histamine foods.

Thank you so so much.

T.W.Cape Town

Good day Dr Morris

I hope this email finds you well. I am pleased with the findings. I feel safer knowing with the problem is and feel better equipped to handle it now. You also have impeccable listening skills, every word was captured.

Thank you for quick and effective service and the peace of mind that comes with it.


E.H. Western Cape

Good day Doctor Morris,

Thank you very much for your assistance. I have already started to notice some changes to his skin. The ring worms are slowly disappearing and his face is no longer dry and scaly. He has even stopped scratching his forehead and scalp. He sleeps throughout the night with the occasional wake for feeding.

He seems like a much happier and more energetic baby. I am genuinely very happy with the results thus far and so impressed with this drastic change. I wish I found you sooner...could have saved myself a lot of money. I cannot wait to see what he looks like a few months from now and thank you doc for the comprehensive report. I will definitely start introducing him to some fruit and stay away from the milk and eggs.

E.M. from Cape TownEczema and food allergy

Thank you again, Dr Morris. You have no idea how much you helped the little man. The Fucibet cream helped clear his skin within 3 days, and his scratching habit is almost gone. We spent four months going to GPs and private dermatologists, applying more creams (with no improvement), whilst watching our baby in pain and discomfort.

We are forever greatful and we?ll see you for his next round of testing in a couple of years.


Hi Dr Morris

I cannot thank you enough for all your assistance, guidance and help!!

I am truly relieved and feel like I can manage my life (and allergies) appropriately and safely now.

I will be sure to refer clients to you.

Thank you so much, keep well.


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