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General Enquiries & FAQ

You may want to make a general enquiry about your allergy problem before committing to a consultation. Please first check our FAQ section as you may find the answer to your query is already there.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my medical aid cover the tests and consultation?

Most medical aids will pay a percentage of the consultation fee and allergy testing, the amount depends on how comprehensive your cover.

Are you contracted to medical aid?

We don?t deal directly with medical aid, you will be responsible for settling the bill, then you can claim back from the medical aid with the receipt.

How will I get a test with an online remote consultation?

We will email you a Pathology request form which you print out and take along to a Pathologist local to you (Lancet, Ampath or Pathcare).

What does an allergy test cost?

The allergy tests cost vary from R240 per allergen tested, to screening tests which are more cost effective costing R1000 for a group of allergens. The skin prick testing is included in the consultation fee in Cape Town. We can give you a breakdown of estimated costs for allergy testing.

Why are face-to-face appointments only available in Cape Town?

Since the Pandemic we have had to curtail our activities, and no longer travel to other cities in South Africa.

Could I be allergic to the COVID vaccine?

Allergy to the COVID vaccine is extremely rare and the only contraindication is an allergic anaphylactic reaction to a previous flu vaccine.

Can I just have an allergy test without a consultation?

You will need to have a consultation to discuss the appropriate allergy testing and management. We don?t offer allergy testing without a consultation.

How do I know if I suffer with Long COVID Syndrome?

Long COVID Syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion when a person develops typical symptoms and signs following a COVID-19 viral illness that persist for 12 weeks or more after the infection has cleared. These symptoms may include shortness of breath and a persistent cough, fatigue and insomnia, rapid pulse and chest pains, headaches and dizzyness, short term memory loss and ?brain fog?, pins and needles in the limbs, chillblain-like rashes on the feet, urticarial rashes, conjunctivitis, depression and chronic anxiety, persistent stomach aches and diarrhoea.

What happens if I don?t have any internet access or WiFi?

If you are in a very remote area and need an online consultation, we can conduct the meeting over the telephone on a landline.

I live in Limpopo, can I have an online consultation?

We can conduct allergy consultations online anywhere in South Africa. We have a network of pathology laboratories where any required allergy testing can be done.

Will I be able to get a repeat prescription without booking another consultation?

You will be able to get a repeat prescription for medication by completing a form and paying an admin fee.

Do I need a referral letter from my doctor?

It?s always best to get a letter from your doctor but it is not essential, however if you can get hold of any previous test results, this would be very helpful to the consultation process.

What hours does the doctor consult?

We see patients online and face to face from 8.00am to 4.00pm. But this may vary during the COVID Lockdowns.

What allergies does the doctor test for?

There are literally 100?s of possible triggers to the allergy test, and that?s why we conduct a consultation to decide which are the most appropriate tests to perform to make a clear diagnosis.

What allergies will be included with the Skin Prick Tests in Cape Town (Face-to-Face consultations)?

The skin prick testing will include environmental allergies such as house dust mites, cats, dogs, tree and grass pollen, mould spores and cockroach allergies. Food allergies will include cow?s milk and dairy proteins, whole egg, wheat and cereals, soya, fish and shellfish, peanut and tree nuts, common fruit allergies and yeast. If you have another suspected food allergy not listed above, then bring a fresh sample of that food and we can make a test preparation on site.

Dr Adrian Morris

Specialises in allergy testing adults and children
HPCSA MP 0274500
BHF Specialist Registration 015000 0640549
Medical aid Procedure code 0130
ICD 10 Code J30.3

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