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We normally offer comprehensive allergy testing, diagnosis and treatment for all forms of allergy in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

During the Nationwide Lock Down due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we have suspended all face-to-face appointments and currently focusing on Virtual Online Consultations which work very well and reduce the risk of virus exposure.

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  • The average consultation is 30 to 40 minutes long, but come a few minutes earlier to complete your allergy questionnaire.
  • Don’t take any antihistamine medication for 2 to 3 days before your testing, but continue any other regular medication and inhalers.
  • We see all ages from children through to the elderly. Infants can be accurately allergy tested if over 4 months of age (testing earlier is less accurate).
  • A referral letter from your GP may be helpful but not essential.
  • Bring results of any previous allergy blood tests done and photographs of any reactions (on your cellphone). Don’t email us results or photos.
  • We do not pass your personal information to anyone without your permission.
  • Privacy Policy: All information provided by a patient, parent or legal guardian to the Allergy Clinic, which includes any medical or clinical information provided by their referring GP, and the results of any medical tests carried out by Allergy Clinic, will always remain confidential and not be shared with any other person or organisation outside of the Allergy Clinic, unless authorised specifically by the patient, parent or legal guardian.

Your Initial Allergy Consultation

  • The consultation includes an allergy, personal medical and social history discussion.
  • You will have a physical examination plus lung capacity testing.
  • We initially undertake skin prick tests using a selection of test allergens tailored to your allergy symptoms. These tests are individualised to your specific clinical presentation.
  • These test results are then made available to you at the initial consultation.
  • You will be issued an allergy treatment plan to deal with your allergy and this usually includes avoidance measures, symptom treatment as well as preventer and reliever medication.
  • Sometimes we need to perform blood or RAST allergy tests as well and we use Ampath, Pathcare or Lancet Medical Aid accredited private Pathology Laboratory to undertake these tests on your blood sample.
  • You don’t usually need a follow up consultation, but if there isn’t a good response to treatment, we would recommend a follow up consultation after 4 to 6 weeks of treatment.

Skin Test Procedure

  • We normally perform Skin Prick Testing at the initial consultation using extracts of the suspected allergens.
  • Then tests are done at the consultation and are included in the R1900 consultation fee and the test costs should be reclaimable from your Medical Aid Society.
  • Skin Prick Tests are done by applying a drop of specific allergen to the skin of the forearm. The skin is then gently pricked with a sterile lancet allowing some allergen to penetrate the skin.
  • The skin reaction is evaluated after 10 to 15 minutes and a positive test result is indicated by a weal reaction of between 3 to 10mm in diameter.
  • We have over 30 test allergens and mixes to choose from, and these are tailored to your symptoms. About 10 to 15 specific allergens or mixes are tested during each consultation.These may include house dust mite, cat dander, dog dander, tree pollen, domestic grass pollen, indigenous grass pollen, mould spores, flower and weed pollens as well as foods such as cow’s milk proteins, egg, wheat flour, oats, barley, corn and gluten, soy, fish and shellfish, peanut and tree nuts and yeast as well as a number of other possible foods allergens including tomato, citrus, spices and cocoa.
  • A positive histamine test is also use as a quality control test.
  • These tests are very safe and do not result in any adverse reaction or side-effect. With children, we encourage another adult to be present to help entertain then during the testing. These tests are well tolerated even by infants.
  • If you suspect a rare or exotic foodstuff as a cause for your allergy, then please bring a small amount of the fresh product with you to the consultation.


Initial consultation: R1900.00

  • The all-inclusive fee for your initial consultation and tests is R1900.00
  • This includes the discussion, physical examination, lung capacity tests, allergy skin tests and treatment plan.

Follow-up consultation: R850.00

  • Follow up consultations will be charged at R850.00 and last 15 to 30 minutes.
  • This consultation includes diagnosis review and may involve additional skin allergen testing. But if further blood tests are needed these will be invoiced separately by Pathcare, Ampath or Lancet Pathology Laboratories.

Payment terms: Important so please read carefully.

  • In Cape Town we accept credit and debit cards as well as cash but no personal cheques.
  • Your consultation fee must be settled in full at the time of your consultation.
  • We do not deal directly with any Medical Aid Societies. You will therefore need to settle your account on the day and use your receipted bill to claim reimbursement from your medical aid.

Cape Town Appointments

35 Finsbury Avenue, Newlands
Cape Town, 7700

(Travelling from Cape Town, turn off M3 into Newlands Avenue, then first right into Ravensburg Avenue, then 3rd left into Finsbury Avenue. Number 35 is situated at the far end of Finsbury Avenue (residential house with pink wall)

– Tuesday and Friday mornings available for Virtual Online consultations

During COVID-19 Lock Down

Book an appointment:
Virtual Online Appointment
Tel: 0838426714 for all appointments nationwide.

Johannesburg Appointments

Summit Square, Corner School Road and Rivonia Road,
Morningside, Sandton, 2057
(corner School and Rivonia Rd, at intersection with Summit Road, opposite Caltex Garage and MTN Service Centre, near Sandton Police Station, situated close to Morningside Shopping Centre)

Tuesday and Friday morning online Zoom consultations

During COVID-19 Lock Down

Book an appointment:
Virtual Online Consultations
Fax: 086 621 8927

Important notice:

All face-to-face Johannesburg Appointments are temporarily suspended due to the Nationwide Lockdown

Due to the fact that Dr Morris has to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg for the day, we require a Direct Debit / EFT payment in full (R1900.00 for initial consultation) within 48 hours of a telephonic booking to secure your Johannesburg appointment at the Summit Square. Your EFT receipt must then be faxed to 086 621 8927 or emailed to Please use your initial and surname as the reference on the EFT.

Disclaimer: Should Dr Morris cancel his trip for any reason, your payment will be fully refunded. If you cancel and give 24 hours notice, you will then be permitted to reschedule your appointment at no extra cost. If you don’t attend on the scheduled day of appointment, there will be no refund.


Summit Square is conveniently located on the Gautrain Bus route S3 (Rivonia route) 10 minutes from the Sandton Gautrain station with easy access to OR Tambo International Airport and Pretoria.

Medical Aid Procedure Codes

  • Dr Adrian Morris’ Specialist Practice Number is 015000 0640549
  • Health Professions Council of SA number MP 0274500
  • Initial medical consultation code: 0191
  • Skin prick tests with 10 to 15 allergens, code per allergen 0220 and 0218
  • Lung function: Peak expiratory flow 1192 and Forced expirogram 1189
  • ICD 10 code includes J30.3

Banking Details for Johannesburg Clinic

Standard Bank Constantia
Johannesburg Allergy Clinic
Account: 06300 3937
Branch code 02 53 09