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Clinic Notice Board

  • Hay Fever season peaks. The Hay Fever season has peaked and the dry weather will facilitate constant pollen levels. Peak times are mid morning and late afternoon.  The grass pollen onslaught is here so be prepared with antihistamines and nasal sprays. Remember proactive regular treatment works better than chasing symptoms. Simple measures such as wrap around sunglasses, Vaseline on the nostrils, keeping windows closed during the day, changing clothing after a day out and showering and hair washing will remove pollen grains from the body surfaces. See our web page for details at Hay fever Season       Allergy Prevention starts with a healthy gut
    Recent evidence from clinical studies around the world show that allergies are either switched on or off within the first year of life. The gut lymphatic system is the first immune organ to be stimulated and cause allergies. Having healthy intestinal microflora and “good bugs” are pivotal. Being born vaginally colonises the infants bowel with "good bugs", and prevent allergies, while Caesarean section babies miss out on this inoculation. Antibiotic usage in late pregnancy and whilst breast feeding also messes up the natural bowel flora and promotes infantile allergies. Breastfeeding provides essential micronutrients that encourage the growth of natural flora, further switching off allergies such as eczema, asthma and food allergies. Clinical and Experimental Allergy: March 2015; 632-641. (Infant gut microbiota and food sensitisation: associations in the first year of life – Azad et al)

South African Pollen & Allergen Forecast

  • 22nd to 28th November 2015 (Week 48)

    Pollen Level Indoor Level Mould Level
    Cape Town Med Low Low
    Johannesburg High Low Low
    Durban High Low Med
    Pollen: Tree, grass & weed pollen (triggers hay fever)
    Indoor: Dust mites, cat & dog dander (triggers asthma, eczema & rhinitis)
    Mould: Mildew spores (triggers asthma)
    Disclaimer: These aero-allergen levels are not real-time values but projections taking into account current climatic and weather conditions together with levels from previous years.