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Dr. Morris is an Adult and Children’s Allergy Consultant with postgraduate diplomas in Allergy, Dermatology, Family Practice and Paediatrics. Read more

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Dr. Morris consults in Cape Town and Johannesburg, specialising in allergy testing and treatment plans for patients of all ages. Read more

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Clinic Notice Board

  •   Pollen makes way for mould.     The grass pollen season seems to be over. The next major allergen to appear will be mould spores at change of season in April.

South African Pollen & Allergen Forecast

  •  23rd to 29th April 2017 (Week 17)

    Pollen Level Indoor Level Mould Level
    Cape Town Low Low Med
    Johannesburg Low Low Low
    Durban Low Low Med
    Pollen: Tree, grass & weed pollen (triggers hay fever)
    Indoor: Dust mites, cat & dog dander (triggers asthma, eczema & rhinitis)
    Mould: Mildew spores (triggers asthma)
    Disclaimer: These aero-allergen levels are not real-time values but projections taking into account current climatic and weather conditions together with levels from previous years.